Monday, January 30, 2012

the Little Book of ATC Techniques. *sticky, please scroll down*

A few years ago i organised a technique swap for an atc forum i was involved in.

everyone sent me a background technique with a description on the back and i compiled them into books and sent them on their way.

It was lots of fun and i still get my book out when i get stumped or need some inspiration....


i havent added to it.....

so thats where you come in.....

bubble and acrylic paint layers...

would you like to particpate ?

alcohol inks and tissue paper

would you like to start your own book or add to the one you already have ?

im hoping we get about 10 people and all you do is make a background for the 10 and send them to me and you'll recieve 10 different ones back....

rusty background technique.

because some people that were in original swap will want to particiapte im listing the backgrounds that we DONT want....

TIm Holtx distress ink [ done with silicone sheet and water]
Rusty technique, wet and dry using vinegar and watercolor paper.
Bleach Stamping
copperleaf pen, watercolors
alcohol inks
Tissue paper
pealr ex
acrylic paint layers
ink resist
burn organza/tulle
crackle accents [could do a crackle paint background]
painted paper towel
Bubble print
jens oil pastel/paint/ collage
radiant rain
twinklings and salt
fused plastic
water soluble crayons and gesso
credit card tecnique

as you see there are heaps more we could add to our books or start new ones....

so if you want to be part of this, just leave a comment with the technique you want to do so that everybody knows what you are doing and then we wont have any double ups...
ill leave it open for the next two weeks and then be in contact with you with how many atc's you need make and other deets....

if you have any questions then leave a comment and ill get back to you...


Jenny said...

Sounds like fun Jen... I will do a soap resist technique... love your little book of backgrounds... very inspiring...

Jenny x

Vicky said...

Ooh, this sounds like great fun! I could do a masking tape & acrylic paint b'ground (unless someone else is already doing that?) I'm looking forward to getting all the details :)

Blissful Pumpkin said...

Would love to participate. Just have to think of something to do. =D

Kathy said...

sounds like fun.. can you suggest some for me? lol a little behind here

Kiwifruit-Shiree said...

hi Jen, sounds a great idea.Your little book is inspiring indeed. Have fun!!

Lesley said...

Hi Jenxo
I am entering.
I do take my book out as well and it is great when you have a day when the muse isn't up to par.
I would love to do a few
1. burnt glue backgrounds can be used for embellies too but will do an ATC size
2. coloured bleach with a twist
(one of my calendar pages)
3.distress glue
and I have one more if you like
4. molten pigments/chalks or even coloured eye shadows.

I have one more but will wait to see if anyone else comes up with it, if not, it will be a freebie, I will surprise everyone.

Ok better stop or there won't be any left for anyone else.
If you need more numbers and don't get 10 just holler.

Lesley said...

Just to let you know...I posted on my blog and linked to you. If you want me to make you a button for this I can...send me a pic or type of image you want for it and I can make a small button in Gimp.
All you would have to do is go to Gadget add picture then add the direct link to the post.
Can you tell I am excited??? don't have to post this.
Les ♥ :)

artbywendy said...

I would like to try.. I could do a metal tape technique! sounds like fun!

Karen said...

I am an occassional lurker, but after reading your post I thought that this might be fun, so if I could I would like to join in. I do quite a bit of painting, so if it's okay, I would like to do a background with acrylic paint and crackle medium.I will look forward to hearing more from you.

Margaret said...

eek! you temptress you, would love to do this but unfortunately have my hands full with other projects. Can't wait to see the new list of techniques. Mx

JaN's ArTy JouRneY said...

I would love to add to my bookie :)
I could do a simple coffee technique :)
Jan x

Gail said...

Oh YAYYY! I'm so glad you're doing this. I still get my lil book out for inspiration as well and I'm excited that we're adding to it. I'll come up with a technique and let you know. Thanks Jen

Sherry Edwards said...

I'd love to take part Jen, it sounds great!

If it hasn't been done before I'd like to try 'Plastic Wrap Crinkle' - one of the techniques covered in a Claudine Hellmuth book :)

Rossylalah said...

Yes yes yes count me IN! I'd love to do the fusible film eg. The heart on my latest canvas and the Inkurable orange ATC swap but I am not sure if everyone has access to it. I'd be able to suggest a supplier. What do you think?

Carin said...

Hiya, Jenny directed me over and I'd love to take part, making a background using spray webbing :)

Lesley said...

Hi Jenxo, I have completed 3 of the 4 techniques but I want to change one of them. I would like to drop the molten pigments and do melted crayons instead.
I also made a few extras in case, last count we had 13???